It is the purpose of this Company profile is to lay the foundation of the company’s vision philosophy and strategy to the firm’s principal investors and debtors and align the various elements of the Company to create a coherent system of sustainable customer satisfaction.

Pyze Auto Electrical and Electrical Contractors started operations in September 2005 and have been in operation for seven years and is still going strong. We believe that we have made a success of our business by supplying quality electrical contracting services and supplies in the ever expanding Rustenburg and surrounding areas. This can however not be achieved without the help of the qualified staff.

The Members of our Company as well as the employees have a positive way of thinking and acting in the same way. We  are proud to announce that we are now part of Advanced Capital with 51% black  woman owned


Our vision is to become a premier Auto Electrical Company and supply and services the market through rendering innovative, reliable, competitive products and services unrivalled by none in the industry and few can equal.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of products and services which are designed to best meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and the shifting global business environment. This will be achieved through the integration of new technology, creativity, integrity, industry experience, maximum exposure and invaluable customer input and maintaining our high level of service at all times.

We believe through partnership with our customers we can achieve mutual goals by applying these basic principles:

Provide you, our valued customer with state of the art products ad services.
Become a partner in our customerd ay to ay oiperations to fully understand their needs.
Invest in time spent at the Customer.
Develop a customer care program in solving problems before it occurs.


To succeed in this market we must:

  • Render a service that is of the highest standards.
  • Supply products that is reliable and of the highest quality.
  • Diversify our service.
  • Understand the Customer’s needs.


Pyze Auto Electrical values long-term partnerships that are beneficial to all parties. The Customer, Supplier value system is firmly entrenched in Pyze Auto Electrical, we believe in long-term partnerships that are kept together through good business principles.
We believe business relationships are firmly rooted in trust, respect integrity;
We believe in employee empowerment. Our employees must one day realize their full potential. At Pyze Auto Electrical, we believe we can make that a reality.
We value and embrace professionalism and business ethics in all our interactions with stakeholders.
We believe a thorough understanding and appreciation of Customers needs will always help us improve our service, so we always listen to our Customers and value their contributions.